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The major application areas for our products are given here along with the main threats in these environments. Choose an area to read more about it.

At sea

Cable and pipe transits are primarily used for applications in hazardous maritime and offshore environments.

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On land

Transits for high risk land-based applications and vital industries.

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The E-series EMC frames & components provide the same sealing as the standard MCT Brattberg system but with added, built in protection against EMI, EMP and ESD.

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In high-risk environments, such as explosive hazardous areas, “Putting Safety First” is our number one priority. This is the reason why MCT Brattberg’s products are installed globally.

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Grounding & Bonding

E-series for grounding and bonding of communication, instrument, power, braid or wire armored (AC and TECK 90) cables and copper pipes.

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